Journal Issues

Volume 16 (2022)



Sangita F Gazi

Stanley U Nweke-Eze


Stacy Lau, ‘Hong Kong’s Harsh Asylum Policy: New Deterrent and Barriers to Asylum Seekers’ (2022) 16 HKJLS 1.

Chloe Chan, ‘China’s Guiding Cases System: Binding Effect and Challenges’ (2022) 16 HKJLS 21.

Chiu Tsz Wai Natalie, ‘Through the Lens of Employment Law: Regulating Uber Drivers in England and Hong Kong’ (2022) 16 HKJLS 46.

Wai Hiu Chun Alston, ‘The Future of Corporate Rescue Legislation in Hong Kong: Cross-Border Issues and Solutions’ (2022) 16 HKJLS 72.

Volume 14 (2020)


Lucien van Romburg

Vanessa Leigh


Professor Hualing Fu

Dean of Law, The University of Hong Kong


Nabil M Orina, ‘Enforceability of the Right to Affordable Housing in Hong Kong: Revisiting Ho Choi Wan v Hong Kong Housing Authority’ (2020) 14 HKJLS 1.

Dick Au Yeung, ‘Public Interest Environmental Litigation in China: Could NGOs Have a Greater Role to Play?’ (2020) 14 HKJLS 31.

James Lee Wai Chau, ‘Revisiting ‘Continuous Employment’ and ‘Umbrella Contracts’: Plugging the Gap in the Employment Ordinance’ (2020) 14 HKJLS 53.

Clara Wong, ‘E-Justice Reform in China: A Committed Move Towards the Rule of Law or Old Wine in New Bottles?’ (2020) 14 HKJLS 81.

Hester Choi, ‘Asset Tunneling in Hong Kong Family Property Companies: An Illusion or a Reality?’ (2020) 14 HKJLS 113.

Liao Youcheng, ‘Deregulation of Drug Prices: The Direction for Regulatory Evolution in China? – Comparative Research on Mainland China and the United States’ (2020) 14 HKJLS 163.

Volume 13 (2019)  


Christina Fong

Wilson Lui


The Honourable Chief Justice Andrew CHEUNG Kui-nung

Permanent Judge, Court of Final Appeal


Santos T S Cheung, ‘European Jurisprudence’ on Comparative Advertising Not Followed in Hong Kong (2019) 13 HKJLS 1.

Edward K H Ng, ‘Revisiting International Tort Actions in Hong Kong’ (2019) 13 HKJLS 19.

Kayley Chan, ‘Should There Be a Right to Explanation in Hong Kong? A Comparative Approach between Data Protection Laws in Europe and Hong Kong’ (2019) 13 HKJLS 39.

Raphael Lok Hin Leung, ‘In Defence of the Halfway House – The Cavendish Penalty Rule since 2015’ (2019) 13 HKJLS 55.

Ju Liu, ‘A New Approach to the Constitutionality of the Co-location Arrangement’ (2019) 13 HKJLS 87.

Fan Xiang, ‘Rebuilding Beijing–Hong Kong Trusts: National Security Legislation in Post-Occupy Central Era’ (2019) 13 HKJLS 111.