Megan Louie (BA&LLB IV)

Prakritee Yonzon (PhD)

“The law is more than the embodiment of one person´s will; it is the collective wisdom of countless sage people over great stretches of time.” – The Right Hon Madam Justice Beverley McLachlin, Non-Permanent Judge of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal

Founded in 1994, the Hong Kong Journal of Legal Studies (HKJLS) is the oldest student-run academic law journal in Hong Kong covering legal issues in Hong Kong, Greater China and the Asia Pacific.

Since its inception, the HKJLS has striven to deliver diverse insights in fields ranging from doctrinal and jurisprudential analysis of core common law, to comparative, empirical and interdisciplinary inquiries into a wide variety of public and private law issues.

In this everchanging age, legal writing and critical analysis offer a principled and yet flexible methodology for us to unravel complex problems that surround us. The law never exist in a vacuum. Through careful deliberation and analysis, ideas may drive changes and reforms.

The HKJLS has established a wide readership and extensive partnerships with leading student law journals from the best law schools around the world.

Our articles are accessible via Westlaw HK and HeinOnline. Printed copies are available in all university libraries in Hong Kong, as well as in High Court and District Court Libraries.

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January 2024